Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Post 9: Turnabout is Fair Play

Okay so I admit that I am a HUGE fan of South Park. At first it started as gross humor but it quickly started incorporating current events and political satyr to make statements about our society and how we, as Americans, do things. So today (in fact 5 minutes ago) was watching a re-run while having lunch and the Red Man's Greed episode was playing. To watch the episode I am Blogging about click this link and enjoy: http://www.southparkstudios.com/episodes/103915

It essentially deals with the Native Americans wanting to force South Park from their homes to build a super highway to their Casino to make more money. They do this, obviously, while punning the stereotypical jokes nonstop and also constantly correcting themselves by instead of saying "Indian" saying "Native American". It is like salt to the wound portraying the ignorance of the American people (As Trey Parker and Matt Stone often do). I find the episode to be immensely hilarious because of Parker and Stone's constant reminder of how ignorant the American people are of cultures, ways of life, and ultimately show it in this episode by a reversal of the situation that the Native's of what we now call America suffered at our hands. I am optimistic that most people would recognize the (what I consider) blatant satyr about the subject matter... but I can't help bu think there are probably many people who actually agree with the stereotypes. God I hope not...

I thought it might be something wroth while to bring to the "Blogging Table" and let people comment on it if they feel so inclined.

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  1. Yea, South Park is the shit. If we are going to talk about minorities in television, this is one of the holy grails. South park has been the most sucessfull tv shows to be able to keep doing this and still not fail. South Park will live forever.