Friday, September 4, 2009

ARGH!!! Let me off this emotional rollercoaster PLEASE!!

So this week has been met with massive frustrations in regards to my school. Granted classes have gone smoothly but my constant butting heads with the IT department has taken it toll as I have tried to get my Black Board account ready. Not to mention a professor that (at first I was angry at but now sad has left us), Amanda Brozana, that had its toll as well.

But FINALLY after a long week of fighting my Black Board account is active and thus begins the mad crazy dash of catching up in my Comm 300-W01 class to be sure everything is submitted today! *deep breath*

Now that I have time to reflect (which I have been doing since answering the Discussion Board questions/comments) I kinda feel like an emotional loss has been hanging over my head. It mainly had to do with the readings and videos required by the Comm 300 class that got me a bit down and depressed. It dealt with the Negro nation/community and how after so much fighting for their rights they are still being misrepresented and their culture is being raped of its values and heritage. Are we, as an America society still so racist? Are we still so God damn divided?? In a day an age where anything is possible.. how is it that we are still so full of hate and anger? A friend and fellow classmate, Liza, brought up a good point too: its not just the Negro community... its other cultures, other races, other sexual preferences, etc that are under attack from an American society.

I hate feeling this way... and the only hope I have is that I can take what little optimism I have and apply it for the good of the world. I guess the hardest part about this is the question HOW CAN I DO IT? I mean I am the average white middle class male... right away I fall into the category of leaders of the worlds nations that have taken these cultures and people and bashed them mercilessly. I already feel a bit... ill equipped. But I know my heart, my conscience, and ideals are better than that and with the proper knowledge I can make a difference.

Let time tell, and my actions judge me!

*Battle Cry!!!!!!*

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  1. I have wondered a lot of the same things as you do here--again: white, straight, male, position of power (well, a prof has a *little* power, right?), middle-class, American, etc etc. And I think that finding that next "one thing" you can do is sooooo important. Everyone's "one thing" might be different, but the important thing is doing it.

    My examples: Getting training my 3rd year here to declare my office a GLBT safe zone.... Finally starting to volunteer at our local food bank after talking about it forever.... Teaching a class called TV, MINORITIES & CULTURAL DIVERSITY despite my trepidation because of all the markers listed above....

    The biggest thing of all is to try to be respectful and kind to one another. Corny? Maybe. But we could make a real dent on our grassroots level by being decent human beings to one another...