Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post 4: Can I re-roll my race/culture please?

So I am in the middle of reading Week 2’s assignments for Comm 300 and in the book Watching Race, Gray was talking about how Reagan and the media of that time was so manipulative towards other races and cultures (primarily Blacks) in chapter 2. It slowly started to get me depressed, upset, angered, and disgusted with myself. It’s very hard for me to read the things that took place through the eyes of African American’s (and other cultures) but remember it as being one of the best times in American history all because of my skin and class role during that time. There are times when I just look up at the sky and say “God, if you’re there… is it too late to change the color and heritage of myself? Do I really have to share the history of so many that caused so much pain, destruction, anger, hate, and death?” I know it’s silly but it’s how I am feeling right now and on the forefront of my mind. I do appreciate the valuable lessons of learning these perspectives however. In the beginning of these posts I struggled with the idea of how to make a positive change in the world through the use of cameras and the media… well here is a great start. To face the facts of the past, see the uses and results of the present media, and help shape the future with a more positive result. I just hope that it’s not too little too late…

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  1. Seriously, unless you are immortal and lived during times of those physical acts of racism you didn't do anything wrong. There is no reason to feel guilty unless you are actively displaying racism towards others right now because your ancestors are not you. And it's never too late, because if you do nothing now, then 'now' becomes the past... Small changes are what make big changes possible.