Sunday, September 13, 2009

Post 7: Will the Death of Television be the future for proper Racial/Cultural Representation?

I am taking an interesting class this semester which deals with Communication in Mass Society and one of the biggest changes to this whole concept is the Internet. Before, television was the main form of media, being able to broadcast into millions of peoples homes across the world. Marshall McLuhan's idea of the "Global Village" had ultimately become a reality. But this class has taken it a bit further with our first assignment: locate three articles that explains how the Internet has changed the media.

Last years Media Literacy class coupled with this class has produced very interesting results and it cannot be denied that the internet (despite how new the technology is for the mass market) has become a dominating factor in the world. Who needs a television when people can stream content directly to their laptops, desktops, and even televisions (go to to see the future of video gaming, video watching, and computer programming thanks to the power of streaming internet).

So the question is fresh in my mind: is Television dying? Will it eventually become like what the newspapers are facing these days and fade out within the next 50 years? If this is the case two very interesting things pop into my mind that would improve representation of cultures and races that we view:

1. There is no limits to how the internet can broadcast its content.
2. There will no longer be "filters" in place that hinders the type of content to be broadcasted

The internet is extremely difficult to control, so I contend that the major media conglomerates that control the worlds media (such as Viacom and Disney) will not be able to seize control of the internet traffic therefore making it possible for anyone to broadcast their content without those conglomerates able to force them to filter their content. The possibility for PROPER racial and cultural representation will become a bigger reality! I believe that in the future, internet sitcoms, internet series, etc will become the future of broadcasting. Its already happening!

So are we living in the age where television will be passing on? When I am in my 90's will I be watching my favorite news, programs, and playing my favorite games all exclusively through my 60" internet television? I can't wait to find out


  1. I agree with you on the idea that the internet is difficult to control; however, this idea of no control is maybe a bit too far. Bjorn assigned a book on YouTube for beginning videography this semester and in the first chapter it talks about how YouTube was almost shut down because of copyright issues. Also, Ellen DeGeneres is now being sued because of copyright issues with her show. I'm not saying that it's EASY to control these mediums but more that it isn't impossible and ways to control them are implimented: copyright laws, fines, etc.

    Also, this idea of TV and internet combining is interesting. I remember one of Dr. Lizie's assignments in Media Literacy was to talk about the future of the media: I mentioned a super powerful cell phone that you'd be able to talk, text, view internet, see television LIVE, as well as movies, maps, etc. The future is out there...

  2. While I think your idea of internet control is very optimistic, the truth of it is that there is ALWAYS someone out there who gets around the filters, blocks, etc. Hackers are prevalent more now than ever before. 10 year olds are able to shut down entire sites such as Google or Yahoo just because they want to. If you think about it, actual control of the internet would never actually happen. Someone would always be there to beat the rules. Therefore, if those types of people are out there, censorship and control of the internet will never actually happen.

    And yes the future is here! Amazing isn't it? I think the that internet is the future of the merger of media and that in the end instead of broadcasted material through cable or satellite, it will all be brought to your television through a small little box thats connected to a high speed internet source. If you think about it is kinda already happening through programs like On Demand. Thats a very "internet-like" programming to fetch a movie/show you want to see.