Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post 10: Charlie can do no Wrong

Its amazing the length people will go to laugh. The sad part is I find myself laughing at what I am offended at sometimes and it makes me wonder if my media literacy "third eye" so-to-speal is as fine tuned as I had hoped. All of this is coming from watching the television show Two and a Half Men. I tend to see it for what it is, stupid trash humor that essentially idolizes Charlie Sheen and more specifically his habits with women (which is through that filter that I find the humor). He can do no wrong. He is a "god" within the world of his own tv show where even the most sophisticated woman is changed/converted from a charming sex-driven Charlie. Its no secret in the real world, Charlie's way with women is legendary... and not in a good way. Of course he play upon that in this show but in the process seriously stereotypes women, their intelligence, and the use of their bodies rather than their brains to succeed in life. If young women or even kids were to watch this show God help them from what they would learn from it.

I think its fair to say that women are certainly making striving progress in the work place. In fact an article in the New York times two weeks ago officially posted that women hold more jobs in American than men do for the first time ever in the history of our country! But I know that they are under constant attack in terms of stereotypes, sexual harassment, and belittled of their gifts, abilities, talents, and intelligence. Two and a Half Men further brings women down in this regard and I wonder if women will ever be truly free of the sex symboled, stereotypical bonds that society places them in. With shows like this, it makes me wonder.

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  1. I would have to agree with you on this one. That show does do a lot to degrade woman. And with your description it almost sounds like the old James Bond women, where his so called "charm" came down to practically raping women. As for the women in the workplace article, that is pretty cool that they have accomplished that, its good for them. Maybe they will eventually work their way up to enough high post positions that they scum who commit sexual harrasment, and sexism at work will actually learn to respect them. Hopefully.