Monday, September 14, 2009

Post 8: Finding Forrester

I just wanted to take a moment to post a somewhat relaxing and reflecting Blog on a great movie I have recently seen (again); Finding Forrester.

To those who haven't seen it, its a great story about a 16 year old black student named Jamal who struggles to find acceptance with his friends and school mates (both in his old and new school) while keeping a secret that he is too embarrassed to reveal: he is a genius writer.

Sean Connery plays a reclusive white ex Pulitzer Prize novelist who takes an interest in Jamal (through a series of circumstances that bring them together) and he helps Jamal grow, strengthen, and fine tune his writing skills. I have always found this a heart warming tale and there are moments when old school White meets new age Black and the two collide and come up with very satisfying and often funny results, all of which bring the two closer together than either thought possible.

Since we are on the topic of race, equality, and the medium is television/movies I found this to be a very pleasing film and enjoyed it very much and thought that it touches on many of the areas that we are looking at in my Comm 300 class

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  1. I liked that movie as well. I definitely felt it was one of those movies that never seemed "forced" in terms of the white and black dynamic. good call on this movie