Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Post 21: Obama the "Black Hitler"??

My friend sent me an interesting article via email about Obama and how his entire administration (more specifically him) has been met with nothing but racism and hate. The article was written by Philip Weiss on 9/28/09 titled “The Obama Crazies and Why They are Not Going Away” published in The New York Magazine. I had always known that Obama faced racism from the moment he decided to run for office, but I suppose what has bothered me most about it was how racially charged a lot of people were willing to take the arguments against Obama. From technical analysis of his campaign to blatant racism, Obama has had a very tough year.

But I am glad that this article goes into depth about the issue of race and how it has plagued Obama’s campaign ever since he took up the mantle of running for Presidency. I would like to think that he got elected not for his color but for his message. Granted he has made some choices that I don’t 100% agree with but he is doing the best that he can with the amount of disaster that was placed before him after the previous administration. He has given the country hope and has been doing the best that he can to deliver on his promises.

He doesn’t deserve this racist backlash, and I am grateful that a widely known magazine had the guts to publish an article shining the spotlight on those would tear Obama down for his color.

Well done Philip Weiss!


  1. I would be interested in how any politician is essentially different from Hitler. I have a feeling some will take that offensive, but it's probably because they haven't done their research.

  2. Ohhhh well spoken sir! I like controversial comments anyways so all may speak their mind on my blog!! Let it be known! haha Not to mention that I agree with your statement.. in these times of politics they do whatever they can to get support don't they.

  3. While I would like to think that Obama was not elected because of his race, I recall how close the Democratic race was up until Obama was finally decided for the ballot. We had a "black" candidate, in Obama, and a female candidate, in Clinton... and it was nearly tied right up until the end. Both of these candidates that represented these groups that we've never had as president had so much support that it makes you wonder if it was their political views or the group that they belong to.