Thursday, October 15, 2009

Post 19: Ethnic Diversity Conference

I got word of something interesting sounding from a friend who is doing teaching and traveling abroad. She told me that from October 15’th-17’th there is an Ethnic Diversity Conference being held in Northern Africa to discuss the stereotypes that not only plague their country but others as well. It’s held and supported by the Art and Action Festival. For more information go to:

From what my friend was telling me is this is a very large conference that tries to take place every two (or less years) to discuss the state of the country and the world. Apparently it is very progressive and looks to find not only representative identity amongst different cultures, but a way to strive forward and celebrate our cultures as unique but able to be unified with mutual respect. I found this webpage very encouraging that this is taking place. I am sure that there are conferences like this held in America but I generally don’t hear about them too much. My friend was also telling me that typically this conference is televised and can be seen by most of Northern Africa, however this year due to budget concerns it will not take place. In its place they intend on making a 2 hour DVD of all the high points discussed which will be offered to the attendees at a discounted rate and sold to the rest of the country at a normal DVD pricing.

I like the idea of something like this being televised. Again, I am not sure if something like this is normal within America, but I have certainly never seen anything like this on television before. But I think that perhaps it would be a very good thing to see. For one night for a few hours, television programming can be suspended to see a conference that not only identifies the stereotypes and racism that exists, but finds ways to counter those feelings by beneficial facts, discussions, and praise of the individual cultures. Imagine if Barack Obama, the White House, and many others supported and even attended this event! The coverage would be enormous and the message would actually get across. I know it’s a fantastical concept but I can’t help but think how much positive results could be harvested from something like this.

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  1. Do you know if it is just countries from North Africa that attend? Or is it a world wide thing. If it's not, I hope they make it because that would really be help to fight the issue. And I definitely agree with you that if Barack or others from the White House attended it would be very beneficial for the event. I wonder if he's heard about it.