Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post 16: Obama's Prize

I hadn't heard till yesterday, on the Saturday morning news, that Obama had won the Noble Peace Prize. At first I was curious at the choice... Why had Barack won? Some people were saying was that it was because he was not Bush. Other people were saying that his visions of peace and unity were the cause. Others said that it was celebrating that he was the first black president in American history. In any case this is highly controversial and an honor I am not sure Obama wants due to how much unwanted heat it has put upon him.

I was curious to know if other Presidents had won the Nobel Peace Prize, and after some brief research I found that Thoedore Roosevelt did 1906, Woodrow Wilson in 1919, and Jimmy Carter in 2002. So I guess the real question in my mind is why is Barack coming under so much attack for this honor? Especially since at least one of the previously mentioned Presidents was considered a disaster for this country.

It's rather sad to see that he has mixed feelings about the situation. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize should be a moment in your life that is memorable for being proud for what you have done for humanity, not bad due to the amount of negative press you get from overly critical people. Of course I support Barack, I helped put him into office, and while I don't agree with 100% with his decisions I do support him in the majority of his goals, decisions and objectives. So I think, considering the unbelievable burden put on his shoulders from the previous administration, he is doing everything he can to provide peace to America and the rest of the world in terms of dealing with the US. I also think that it was a triumph for the African Americans that he was elected into office with words of peace, unity, and promise. I think he does deserve high praise for accomplishing this in a clearly prejudiced world.

I suppose we will see if Barack is worthy of this honor by the end of his term and see what he has brought to the table. But I feel that as it stands, with him being the leader of our country, and speaking consistently of unity, bipartisanship, and peace I think he is deserving of this award. I know I will come under attack for my beliefs but I stand by them.


  1. I, honestly, don't understand the WHOLE story. I don't understand why he was even awarded such a prestigous award to begin with... and, if he deserves it, I don't understand what the bid deal is. I figure that people must feel him to be undeserving, which just leads to more questions in my mind... Because, like you pointed out, whenever I look up the "why" of the award I see about seven different reasons. Which is it?

  2. my mom made a really good point... he must have been nominated before he was even president. bc the process to nominate was a while ago. and if this is the case... what had he done to that point to deserve the award? can't just say you're gunna do things and have it hold that much weight.

  3. I was happy for Obama, genuinley. I did however think it was a bit premature. According to what I heard, he was nominated for the prize only 12 days into his term as president. I'm not sure what they based their criteria on but I thought 12 days was a bit premature to say the least. Maybe they used as an Illinois senator for material. I personally think that it was just him running and winning the presidency as the first black president. I think his campaign and victory did so much for racial acceptence.