Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post 36: Woods is deforested

Its official ladies and gentleman. The most lovable, agreeable, professional golfer (and quite possibly sports celeb to grace the television) is not as perfect as the media made him out to be. Tiger Woods has apparently been caught in having an affair behind his wife’s back for some time. Dare I say it that he is human after all?? The sad truth of the matter is that the media makes celebrities to be much grander than the “average people” of the country. Their lives are exemplified as perfect. We all know from just reading the daily tabloids that celebrities are anything but perfect, but their social status gives them a air of perfection that preaches how they are above the status quo in a society. So as it turns out; Tiger Woods is merely a human being who made a very poor choice and if going to have to deal with the consequences of his actions. I have no doubts in my mind this will follow him for a long time and damage his career in some way. But let this be a lesson to people who blindly follow the media as if it were a truth-telling Bible of sorts: the media paints a wonderful picture of the positives, but it also paints a destructive picture of the negatives. Who would have thought the media was its own self-serving “yin & yang”?


  1. The media as its own 'yin & yang'... well there's a methaphor for you. My opinion is that it does not quite balance out there way; however, because the media tend to focus far more on the negative aspects and leave out a majority of the positive things in life.

  2. Don't you sort of sign up for that when you make it big? A very public life. I agree that the media enjoys covering more of those negative aspects. Even bad news is good news, for someone..i guess.

  3. That is what happens when we put people up on these pedestals, they are setup for failure. People are ruthless with Woods. They loved him 2 weeks ago and now smell blood and want to attack him. I don't agree with his actions but I can't help but feel pity for him being that he is being so heavily berated. I mean the guy made a mistake but do we really have to destroy him too?