Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post 29: The New Moon Approaches

It is November 12’th and that means one thing for millions of people worldwide: only eight more days until the release of the Twlight Saga’s: New Moon. Being a fan of the series and the movies I am quite excited as well and yes, I have even pre-purchased tickets for myself and friends to go see it opening weekend. But there is something that is REALLY starting to bug me about this and I feel like it happened to the harry Potter books/movies. It is the fact that the media is SATURATED with characters, products, make up lines, fashions, etc directly linked to the movie. It is simply amazing to me how a fad can swiftly turn into a franchise of epic proportions. Even the author, who wrote the first book from a dream she had and wanted to flush out the details, never dreamed that it would take on the size of the monster it has become. I think in a way it’s sad that to guarantee a measure of success one has to sell their idea in mass quantities to anyone who is willing to promote it via products or services.

Oh well... in the end I only care about one thing: That Stephanie Meyer hasn’t sold herself out and tries to remain faithful to her books when making these big screen adaptations. The rest of the commercial media nonsense is easily forgotten for me.


  1. Yeah i agree i feel like anyone involved in this industry will do anything to make the extra buck. Everything is played out to the max and it ruins the actual product, whether it be a movie, book, or even song.

  2. I was always a fan of Vampires. Interview With the Vampire is in my Top 10 of all time. I am still a fan of the sub-genre, but now I have to conceal it for fear of being labeled as a Twilight bandwagon-jumper. I saw the flick, it was decent, but this fad is getting a bit ridiculous. I like the new take on what a vampire is but I still don't think it quite fits with what a real archetype of a vampire is.

  3. I think a rather important point that you make there is that even though a lot of people in the movie industry seem to be 'sell-outs' who will do anything to make an extra buck, there are still some people who remain true to what they believe in. In keeping with your Stephenie Meyer thought: I read an article that said that she refuses to let them make the last book into a film the way that the studio wants to, because they are changing her vision almost completely...