Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post 24: Halloween

Its strange how a holiday like this can bring people together...

I read an article stating that Halloween is the second largest holiday that people spend money in aside from Christmas. Valentines Day comes in third... So I consider Halloween (although fun) another "Halmark Holiday" made for consumerism and economy. Especially for the rich cultural history that was the creation of Halloween.

Well I am not that far off from the truth (in my opinion) about Halloween being consumer-driven but I am not the only one that sees it for its other values: friends, family, fellowship, and maybe a few drinks here and there haha. This is a simple and personal reflection of my time spent in Boston with friends on Halloween night and it was such a good time. There still exists a certain magic in any given Holiday whether it be Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, etc... and even though corporations and conglomerates try to dictate how to enjoy something in todays society, the meaning is ultimately decided by the individual. Its just a nice reminder to me that no commercials can take away meaning from good friends, a wonderful girlfriend, and a setting for a great time!


  1. it's amazing how our views change over time.

    when i was a kid and i went into a halloween store all i could think of was how cool everything was and i wanted the coolest mask regardless of the price, in fact that never even entered my thoughts.. of course, that was my parents problem not mine!

    now when I walk around all i can think of is how cheap everything is and how sick everyone is for spending hundreds on something that is a total waste.

    lets go back to the old days.. the age of innoscence!

  2. As a Halmmark employee, I wouldn't say that Halloween is so much a "Hallmark holiday" lol. I think Halloween is an "Iparty Holiday." I still love Halloween like I did when I was a kid. Who says you have to grow up?

  3. The money im guessing is all in costumes, and party supplies, people like to dress up in weird outfits and party haha

  4. Bill: Amen to that Bill! I remember that even though it was still consumerism, there was something special about holidays. But these days...

    Nicole: I feel for you Nicole haha. I think that place is the symbol for consumerism during holidays... which is how the term was coined "Hallmark Holiday". I think I would go crazy in there hehe so more power to ya for being able to work there.

    Kevin: You are absolutely right. Thats the biggest target for money during Halloween